The Season of Advent (Hisnag)

The Season of Advent refers to the coming of Christ and in the Armenian language it is termed ‘Hisnag’ derived from word for fifty.
Hisnag refers to the fifty-day period of preparation in celebration of the Nativity and Theophany of Jesus Christ.
What type of preparation does this involve?
During Advent, we can rededicate ourselves to Christ through our actions, thoughts, and prayers. This is a good time for us to improve our habits and offer them as gifts to God. Perhaps Advent can also be an occasion to discover God’s gifts all around us. We need to have an open heart to receive Christ—God’s greatest gift of all!

In the Armenian Church the season is introduced by a week of fasting, called “the Fast of the Beginning of Hisnag”. During this period the Armenian Church also celebrates a number of feasts including the Presentation of the Holy Virgin to the Temple, the Conception of the Holy Virgin by St Anna, founders of Christian theology and early bishops of the church, apostles, enlighteners of Armenia and St Stephen the Protomartyr.