Interview on The 3D Julfa Cemetery Project

Diocese Chancellor, Mr Nishan Basmajian recently had the opportunity to interview Dr Judith Crispin on the Julfa Cemetery Digital Repatriation Project that aims to return the 2000 medieval UNESCO intangible world heritage khachkars from Julfa to the Armenian people.

The project outcomes are many including two permanent 3D installations – virtual reconstruction of the cemetery – in Yerevan and Sydney as well as an international touring installation, a permanent archive of historical photographs, published books and papers to name a few.

The multi-million dollar project has been supported and funded for the most part by the Australian Catholic University however local and international Armenian support is now required for the project to continue.

Click here to read the transcript of this very interesting interview with Dr Judith Crispin who can only be described as a genuinely inspirational defender of human dignity with a profound social conscience.