Offering Grapes for the Blessing Ceremony

Parishioners are invited to contribute grapes, a sacred practice carried out with faith and reverence.

To do so for the blessing ceremony, please contact the church office on 8677-7032 to register the donation. To assist with the distribution, we kindly request grapes be packed and delivered in small individual bags. It is traditional to use seedless grapes to emphasise that this fruit came into being without seed just as Christ became man without any human agent.


Blessing of the Grapes this Sunday

The Blessing of the Grapes (Khaghogh Orhnek) will take place on Sunday at the Church of Holy Trinity on the lawns following the Divine Liturgy.

This celebration is traditionally held nearing the end of the summer and beginning of harvest. In the northern hemisphere it is held in August on the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God.

The Significance of this Tradition
When dating back to the time of the Old Testament, grapes were historically significant as they were the first fruit of the harvest and hence offered to God for thanksgiving, acknowledging dependency on Him and His provision.
With the birth of Christ, the first born of Virgin Mary, who was dedicated to God in the temple, this paralleled with the grapes, the first fruit of the harvest. Therefore, through the blessing of the grapes, the Armenian Church celebrates how it was through Mary and the Holy Spirit that God took on physical form.